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            Jiangsu Allyrise Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which covers an area of 52000 square meters,is located in a national-level chemical industry park—Jiangsu Taixing Economy & Technology Development Zone.This is an APIs (Actinve Pharmaceutical Ingredient) production base built up in terms of new version of GMP standard. It mainly produces new API and offers contract production of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates for large-scale pharmaceuticals company at home and aboard.


            The first phase of company construction has been completed and passed the standard attestation of ISO9001International Quality Systerm. It has set up two API production workshops and one D-level clean workshop, with the reachable production capacity of 120 cubic meters. The factory is equipped with a chemical production condition of temperature scope between minus 100 degree and 300 degree and high pressure hydrogenation capacity of highest pressure 15 atm. The company invested huge capital in the installation of the latest environmental protection device, which can deal with liquid waste of more than 100 tons and realize standard emissions, and which adopts RTO end gas incineration device to make sure of the production process not affecting the environment in a bad way.


            The company governs two R & D centers, one is located in Shanghai Zizhu Science Park, taking laboratory research of green synthesis technology and foreign company customized synthesis service as the main orientation; the other is located in Jiangsu Taizhou National Medicine High-tech Industrial Development Zone (the so-called ‘China Medicine City’), taking process optimization and pilot technology scale-up studies as the main orientation.


            The R & D efficiency of the company enjoys the reputation in the industry. It has domestic top R & D conditions and a dynamic drug research and development(R&D)group with its average age of staffs at 29-years-old, mostly graduated from domestic key universities. The R & D group can adjoin from laboratory research, pilot-plant-scale to production & conversion sections without any barriers and has so far completed the pilot production of more than 40 APIs. The research of intermediate and APIs covers multiple fields of anti-cancer drug, anti-viral drug as well as diabetes drug. The product delivery speed and quality are well-reputed among customers at home and aboard.


            “Combined Intelligence of All Elites can make the Pharmaceutical industry arise like a sun ”. Looking ahead, all the staffs of the company are welcoming the bright future with full pride and enthusiasm. Welcome like-minded colleagues come together here to visit and discuss business cooperation.

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