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        Allyrise: CPHI 2017 on Shanghai has successfully concluded

                      The 17th CPHI was hold in Shanghai New International Expo Centre during June 20-22, 2017.As the largest 

                  scale and the most professional exhibition in pharmaceutical industry, gathering CPHI, ICSE & NEX China 2017

                  and P-MEC & LAB World China 2017. Bring together over 50,000 domestic and foreign experts from different 

                  countries and regions to attend the event.

                      This is our 4th time to take part in this exhibition. As we are focus on the field of production and sales of 

                  Advance pharmaceutical intermediates having been highly and widely praised by our customers. Allyrise was 

                  coming to be known to old and new customers from domestic and foreign industry concerned. Before the  

                  exhibition, Clients from almost 30 companies have made an  appointment with us for meetings during exhibition 

                  to discuss our cooperation in new project and sustainable development in old project.



                       New achievements from R&D team and professional solution from our expert manager team answered every  

                  question,been asked, very carefully. Many of our customers have a great interest in the product, and hope that 

                  both sides will be able to work together and develop.



                      The exhibition has beyond our expectation. We have consolidated the stability cooperation relationship with 

                  our old customers. Promote the new business relationship with new customers. Allyrise will continue innovation- 

                  driven and uphold the concept of quality is the most important. Supply our best service and products for our 

                  win-win situation.



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